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For those interested in dreams, dream interpretation and their impact on personal healing and transformation from a Judeo-Christian perspective

Welcome to the dreamsinfo.com website! This site was put together by Herman Riffel and Bruce Saunders in response to people searching for information on Dream Interpretation and related materials. It is the newest part of an ongoing adventure in reaching out and sharing what we're learning about using dreams and the ways they can help us come to wholeness. One of the things we are firmly convinced of is that we're intended to develop towards well-balanced wholeness. We believe the dream is the voice of God speaking to us in the night while our conscious mind is stilled. This is the time God tells us the things we refuse to hear while we are awake. Guidance as to direction, challenges toward the decisions we have made, and tasks that lead to our healing come to us during the dream. We'll also be considering related areas of spiritual growth and personal transformation.

We're gauging people's interest in learning about DreamWork and spiritual growth by offering this site. We would love to hear from you and find out what your interests and thoughts on this are. The Contact Us page includes a variety of ways to communicate with us.

Herman passed away in July of 2009 on the eve of his 93rd birthday. He led a long and rich life, and touched many people in so many countries. His books and materials continue to provide insight, encouragement and direction to those who are actively pursuing personal spiritual growth. Several years before his death, Herman passed copyright on his materials to Connectivity Group LLC in order to preserve their availability. We at Connectivity Group hope to continue the work Herman started, making his existing materials and additional new content available to encourage others on their journey towards wholeness.

Herman's materials are available at the CGLLCMedia Online Store 


Bruce Saunders

Revised: 03/21/2010

"An uninterpreted dream is like a letter unread"
copyright 2011, Bruce Saunders